Raypak RP2100 Error Code

I have a Raypac RP2100 heater. I was getting an error code of INT (the display is hard to read), the service light then flashes and heater will not start. I had a guy come out and said the high tension wire was loose. It then worked. About a week later it did the same thing and would not come on. I had the guy come out again and it started right up for him.  The display shows the CFH and SPK codes, temperature, as it should. What is wrong, any ideas for this random problem?

This must be an older board, prior to 2012. But, I don’t recall Raypak having a code of INT. Could it have read IGN? That would indicate ignition failure. If so, I would inspect the wire harness, and ground wire that lead from the gas valve up to PC board. Perhaps, unplug that section of wire harness, from the PC board, and plug back in to assure solid contact.

Maybe it did say IGN, the display is sun damaged.  Anyway, I’ve turned it on several times in the last 2 days and it’s working. I have not been there when the tech has come so he may of messed with the same wire (high tension) again before he tried it. Right now it says CFH, SPK, and CFH again then starts right up.  Thanks for the advice.

You’re welcome. Good luck!