My pool motor went out after under a year of being installed. Its a Centruy Centurion Cat SN1072 Ser 09717J2 Part 7-193682-02 3/4 hp.

The pool guy that replaced it said that the plumbing of my pool is so bad that its blowing thru motors. He wants to charge about 600 to replump. Already charged me 500 to replace the motor.

Need to know if Inyo can reccomend a pump and if the above scenaio sounds accurate.

I am guessing the ao smith sn 1072 will do rated at 3/4 hp.

The SN1072 would be the correct replacement for your motor. If the motor was less than a year old, it should have been replaced under warranty.

The Northstar requires a lot of water flow. It’s possible that it is cavitating and causing motors to fail prematurely.