hayward super pump 1 horse

hello, how can I wiring the power supply to my pool pump hayward super pump 1 horse. Model: c48k2n143b1.

My circuit breaker its 20 amps single pole braker on 12awg wire. 120volts.

its dual pump 115v and 230v. I want to connect to 115v, I just swicth the pug with 2 wires to the arrow on the connect clips and the arrow its now on 115v. But still have my power supply to connect and still have only the L1 and L2 to connect my power supply. So question: where can i connect my neutral on this “L” and my hot wire too? I do have 2 pics below, the first pic the hot wire is connect to the L1 and the withe wire or neutral is connect to the L2. The second pic my hot wire its connect to the L2 and the white wire or neutral is connect to the L1 boths pics the plug with the 2 wires its connect to 115volts…so what is the rigth way to connect this pump! pic 1 or 2?

.Also i attach the 3nd pic. its the pump pic.

Im tryed the first pic to conected the pump, but the motor runing for 5 minuts and the motor staring smoke and burning.

so please can you guys help me. thanks.




Hello Mustang - The first picture is correct if you’re wiring your 1HP Super Pump motor on 115v. The black tab with the arrow is pointing to 115v. The hot wire will go to L1, the neutral will go to L2 and the ground to the green screw.

I’d also like to give you an air high five for posting great pictures and making this easy.

Air five

Thanks Inyorob. But for the first  time when i come to the to the costumer house…another eletrician was working to install the pump before, so its one pole 20 amp breaker on 12awg circuit and was hot on l1 and neutral on l2, but the plug was on 230volts. the guys say to me the motor was so hot and runing for 10 minuts or more and trip the breaker…so he call me to check and i see the plug on 230 volts, so i just swicth the plug to 115 volts and the motor burning after 5 minuts runing. maybe when the guy put the plug on 230 volts, maybe its cause the damage…What do u think?? thanks again.

but i saw your video, how to wire a pool pump and the video show the neutal on l1 and the hot on l2 for 115volts…

I did picture one for 115 set up and breaker trips right away pump won’t even turn on. Checked to see if I had a dead short in line before pump and breaker held. I think there is a dead short in the pump or compactor is bad. How could this be possible with a brand new pump?

Hi Matt46,

It is possible your received a defective motor. Can you post a few photos showing your wiring to your motor as we can double check that you have everything wired properly?

I am on my third Hayward Super Pump. Had an electrician come in and wire it after the second pump crapped out. We have it wired to specs on the pump 230v. But won’t start up. Not tripping breaker and power running from every wire from panel to pump. Installed a switch to turn it on and off in the pool shed rather than timer or direct wired to panel. I have attached a picture of my breaker, my pump switch set up and of course the pump wiring itself… I am at a loss and short of calling in anotehr electrician I would like to troubleshoot myself first by asking others… trying to save a few $$$$

Here is the switch from panel to pump

And finally the pump


Everything appears to be correct. Make sure the wires at the motor are making good contact with the terminals. Test the voltage at the motor to see if it correct. If it is correct and the motor won’t turn on, you may have a defective unit.

did this working? I you have the black wire (hot) at L2?

Upon first glance, everything looks to be as it should be. Make that the motor’s wires are properly connected to the terminals. Check the voltage at the motor to make sure it’s working properly. If it’s right and the motor doesn’t turn on, you may have a malfunctioning product.

Checked to see if I had a dead short in line before pump and breaker held. I think there is a dead short in the pump or compactor is bad.