Pump Replacement Suggestions


I’m looking to replace my Hayward 1HP Super Pump SP1607Z1M with a variable speed.  It’s currently wired for 230 VAC but has 115 available.

I have a partially-buried 33’ round above ground pool.  My lines are 1.5" both in and out; the skimmer is approximately 40’ from the pump and 4’ above it, while the return is split at 30’ and goes another 15’ and 40’ respectively.  All lines are buried.

Not sure if it makes a difference, but I have 300lb Hayward Sand Filter and Hayward Gas Heater as well.

Any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated!

We have a couple of options to replace your 1Hp Hayward Super Pump.

The drop-in replacement would be Hayward model W32603VSP. Click Here to View More Details

The second option would be the Waterway Power Defender model PD-VSC165. Click Here to View More Details

Both options have been very reliable and I’m comfortable recommending either one. These pumps will only run on 230V.

Thanks Rob! 
I noticed the Waterway has 2" ports.  If I keep my plumbing at 1.5", will it strain the pump to the point I’d be better replacing the plumbing too?

It would be ok to use a reducer so your 1.5" plumbing would work. Plus, you won’t need to run the pump on it’s highest speeds. That way it would never be strained.