Pump Repair

I have a spa pump which has been idle for a few years.  I’m in the process of restoring the spa and when I run the pump it leaks all over the floor.  What is the likely culprit (dried out o-ring?) and how can I get parts?

The nameplate is readable except for one character.  What i can see is as follows:

Dura-Glas H/L

Model P2RAXYE-124U_

The last character of the model number is not legible.

Can you provide any support?


The likely cause is a bad shaft seal or body o-ring. There is a seal kit for your Sta-Rite Dura-Glas pump. The part number is GOKIT54. This kit is designed for Dura-Glas models that were manufactured since 1998. However, it will work with older models if you remove the copper cone from the seal plate.