Hello INYO Associate, I would like to replace the motor in Pentair Whisperflow pump. It now has a single speed motor.I would like to have a 2 speed motor option and a variable speed option for replacing the motor.The Motor name platereads, 1.5 HP,SF 1.47 ,208/230 v, 3450 RPMSF.1.47 max amps 9.6-8.8 model WFE-6 /011514, motor # 177451  I do not see a frame number on the name plate. It also reads SF.HP 2.21self priming pump. Advise hear would be fantastic from anyone wih knowledge in this area. Thank you for creating this site ,it is wonderful.Good Day And the best to you and yours. 10BB

Thank you for contacting Inyo. The dual speed motor option for your Whisperflo pump is model B2983. The variable speed option is model ECM27SQU. We would also recommend replacing the seals when you replace the motor. The tune-up kit is GOKIT32. Use GOKIT32SALT if you have a salt water pool.

For more information on the California requirements, check out our article titled “California’s New Variable Speed Pool Pump Law”.

Would it be possible to also install the 1.65THP variable speed motor for the WFE-6 pump or does it have to be the 2.7THP? If so does the impeller need to be changed?

If you don’t change the impeller on the WFE-6, you’d have to go with the 2.7HP variable speed motor. If you want to use the 1.65 variable speed motor, you would need the 5074-27B impeller.