Pump/filter recommendation for Intex EasySet pool w/solar heater

We have an Intex 18’ EasySet pool. We’re currently using the pump/filter that came with it and an Intex saltwater chlorinator and a solar mat on the ground. This setup has been working well enough but we don’t get enough sun on the solar mat to really raise the temperature of the pool.

What I’m planning on doing is moving the solar mat onto our garage roof which is about 25’ from the pool. Since the pump will now need to pump the water along this additional 50’ of pipe as well as up to the garage roof (about 15’), I’m sure the Intex pump will not work. So I’m looking to replace the pump/filter.

This brings up multiple questions.

1) What size pump will be needed? Will a 1HP be sufficient?

  1. Coupled with a new pump, I’ll need a filter. Recommendations?

I’d like to continue to use the Intex saltwater chlorinator. In general, I’d like to keep the costs down as we can only use the pool a few months out of the year and the kids will only be using it for a few more years.

Thanks for any help.

Hello Marchhare - You’ll probably want to look at an inground pool pump designed for high pressure. I don’t have much confidence in an above ground pool pump working in your application. I’d look at something like a 1/2HP Whisperflo model WFE-2. It’s a full rated 1/2Hp with a 1.9 SF. This means it has a total HP rating of .95.

As far as the filter, we’d recommend something like the Pentair SD-60. It’s a little oversized for your pool but will be able to handle the flow from the pump.

Thanks for the info. It’s a bit more than I was hoping to spend for both.

I had been considering the Pureline PL1511 or the Jacuzzi Laser 16". Both would seem to be an upgrade from the stock Intex filter and have more power and are more in line with my budget. It sounds like the HP rating would be in-line with the Whisperflo WFE-2.

The HP rating is similar but the PL1511 is not considered a high-pressure pump. I have concerns that it wouldn’t be able to lift the water 15’ to your roof.

March - Did you find a solution that worked?  I have a very similar challenge (Best Pump for my Strange Plan :-) - Pool Equipment - Inyo Pool People) and was also looking for an inexpensive solution.  Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think I need a filter.  I plan to continue to use the tiny little filter that came with the pool and then have separate water routed to my solar heater.  Let me know what you found.  Thanks!