pump and impeller

hi i just installed a new ust1102 motor to replace my old hayward super 2 pump , 115v , 1hp, sf 1.5, but motor is still making rattling noise, could i possibly have a bad impeller, it looked fine when i installed it, also replaced all motor seals and gaskets in housing, if so what is the replacement impeller # because the descriptions on your parts page are confusing me with the full hp and the up hp difference, the model # of my old motor is

K48L2N104 if this helps

so my old motor is a hayward super 2 pump 1 hp, sf 1.5, and the new motor is a century ust1102 is the old impeller compatible

Hi Joe,

No your old impeller is not compatible, you will either need to upgrade the motor to this ST1102 1 HP 1.5 SF Motor or downsize your impeller to this 1 HP Up Rated Impeller. If you stay with the current set up then the current impeller is too large for the UST1102 motor and will cause that motor to fail quickly as it is putting to much strain on your motor.

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