praher multiport valve tm-22

I ordered replacement seals from you in March 2021 (order 1166513) :

PacFab MPV 2" Tune Up Kit (NO SPRING) AP value tm-22CK1069

The seal replacement was successful but seal issues have resurfaced.

I want to replace the multiport tm-22 and hope this resolves the seal issue.

The TM-22 connects to the largest model “Advanced Bead Filter” purchased from Tse Koi Inc. seven years ago.

I need your advice on which TM-22 model replacment would work for me.

I was unable to find a parts list for that filter model. The last time someone needed a valve for an Advance Bead Filter, they ordered the TM-22-H8. It was not returned, so we’re assuming it fits. However, we can’t guarantee it’s the correct valve for your particular model.

We can confirm that the correct top half of the valve is E-50-S2B.

Given your information,  i will place order for TM22-H8.

Thank You!