Praher Filter Valve Replacement Part

I have a Praher valve on the output of my DE filter, it has a serial number 2945274 and a model number SM20-2 D.E Filter. When the valve is in the “Filter” position, water is leaking out the “backwash” drain … I can see it flowing in the sightglass. Do you have a replacement kit for the internal parts in this valve or do I need to have the whole thing replaced.

Hello Saiga762 - We’d be glad to assist you. Water leaking from the backwash line is a sign of a bad spider gasket. We have a tune up kit which includes all of the gaskets and o-rings. The part number for the kit is APCK1069. The part number for the spider gasket by itself is 4600-1148.

You can view the schematic for the SM20-2 valve on our parts list page.

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