Pool Vacuum Not Moving - Low Suction?


I am new to pool maintence and have purchased an automatic pool suction side vacuum.  I installed per the instrcutions to my skimmer but the vacuum does not move.  When I place my hand at the diaphram of the automatic pool vacuum, I dont feel much (if any) suction.  However, if I place my hand directly into the skimmer above the suction hole, I feel a “strong” suction.

Pool Details

10,000 Gallon Pool

6 feet deep at the deep end

Length - 24 feet

Width - 11 feet

Return Jets - Count 2

Suction Drain - Count 1 at bottom of deep end

Suction Jets - None

Skimmer - Count 1

Pool Pump - Motor Model: C48K2PA105C5 ; HP 1 ; RPM 3,450 ; Single Speed

Pool “Features” - No fountains etc… but I have a Pool Heater (tho I never use it)

Feet of Head - Unknown.  The pump/motor is located within a few feet of the pool.  However, it is on the opposite end of the pool as the Skimmer.

Automatic Pool Vacuum Details

Requires Pump Power: ≥0.5HP/1000gallon

Troubleshooting Done So Far

I searched a few guides here but am unsure of what the issue may be.  Below is a summary of what I have tried thus far assuming I have a low pressure problem:

  1. I cleaned the Skimmer Basket

  2. I cleaned the 2nd Basket attached to the front of the pool pump

  3. I cleaned the Cartridge Filter after the pool pump

  4. My return jets (2 of them) appear to be operating at full power

  5. I do not see any obvious leaks around any of the visible PVC pipes around the pump / filter area.

Any help would be appreciated!