pool pump replacement Hayward superpump

The pump gave out on my hayward superpump 2610x15.  The motor was an ST1102 from a.o. smith.

I have taken the pump apart, the motor is definitely end of life.

Question–can I reuse the old impeller, diffuser, etc and get a gasket/seal kit.  There does not seem to be anything wrong with the old pump assembly.  Just the motor, I am pretty sure the bearings have seized up.

The motor is at least 10 years old, and possibly 15 or 20.

The system was upgraded to salt 6 years ago, but the pump and motor were not replaced at that time.  No reason to, they were okay.

Any suggestions?  Like what gaskets and seals I will need, and if I can reuse the pump.


David Troutman

Hello David - The direct replacement for your motor is ST1102. We also have a more energy efficient single speed option, CT1102.

The salt seal kit for the Super Pump is GOKIT3SALT.

We used a Super II pump in the video below but the steps are very similar.