Pool Pump Repair

My filter pump has been making a high-pitched screech and I feel like it’s time to replace it.  It is the original pump from when we installed the pool 13 years ago.  The system is a Sta-Rite Max-E-Pro single phase 1 HP (SF 1.65) and our pool is about 20,000 gallons.  We also live in California where our average summer temps are high 90s to 100s.

I’ve read your article on 7 Biggest Mistakes When Replacing a Motor and I have a few questions:

  1. Is it possible to replace it with a dual speed (or even varialbe speed) motor? Will I need to change the wiring to the motor or at the control panel?  I would really like to take advantage of the engergy savings of a dual speed motor.  We also have a salt system but have since shut it off due to the fact that we had to run the pool so much to keep the clorine generating, which in turn ran up our electric bill.

  2. Would it be recommended that I replace “everything?”  I know I should replace the shaft seal, but what about the difusser, motor housing, or other parts?  There is some corrosion around the housing and it looks like some of the bolts are rusted and I would hate for them to break off when trying to remove the motor.  (This happened when I had to replace the pool sweeper motor.)

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Macgeek314 -We’d be glad to assist you.

  1. You can change the motor over to a dual speed or variable speed. The wiring will be the same if you go with a dual speed motor like model B2982T. The B2982T has a built-in control and it’s wired just like a single speed. The variable speed is model ECM16SQU.

The other option for dual speed would require different wiring. A single speed motor takes 3 wires; 2 hot & 1 ground(230v). A traditional 2-speed requires 4 wires; high speed, low speed, common and ground. The traditional 2-speed would be model SQS1102R.

  1. We would recommend replacing the seals when you replace the motor. We have a kit for the Max-E-Pro but it doesn’t have the salt water shaft seal. The salt water shaft seal is part number 35-423-1096.

The seals are usually sufficient to rebuild the pump. The other items you mentioned don’t have to be replaced very often. I would recommend inspecting each piece for obvious damage. You can view all of the available items on the Max-E-Pro parts page.