Pool Pump / Motor Replacement Options

Hello there,

My original 1.5HP Hayward pool motor installed in October 2005 stared leaking at the end of last season and looks like it needs servicing. It also sounded gritty and there was some white residue around the motor.  I’m looking for advice on the best options going forward, and if possible, to save some money on electricity costs.

The following is my current pool setup:

  1. 18’ x 36’ pool with a deep end. Deer Creek shape.

  2. 2 skimmers

  3. 2-jets in pool wall, 2-jets in stairs.

  4. we open/use the pool May to September

  5. Hayward 1.5HP  Model SP2610X15A

  6. I think it’s wired for 240V.

  7. Hayward C5025 Swim Clear Cartridge Filter

  8. Aqua Logic AQL-P-4-CUL Control

  9. I typically run the pump 8 to 12 hours a day, and while swimming.

  10. T15 Salt Chlorinator Cell

  11. Hayward H250 Heater – natural gas

  12. All piping is 1.5".

What are my options?

  1. Replace the seals for the motor and stay with the 1.5HP single speed? I haven’t turned on the pump yet this year.

  2. Replace the seals ANDmotor portion with same single speed 1.5HP?

  3. Replace seals and motor portion with a two-speed 1.5HP?

  4. is this possible?

  5. does the impeller stay the same?

  6. Replace the WHOLE PUMP with a two-speed 1.5HP?

  7. will the energy savings be significant ??

  8. does this get wired for 240V ??

  9. Replace the whole pump with two-speed 1.0HP?

  10. Can i reduce horsepower from 1.5HP to a 1HP if going with a two speed?

  11. Replace with new Variable Speed Pump?

  12. Will this work with my Aqua Logic AQL-P-4-CUL Control?

  13. Will this work with 1.5" piping?

  14. Which pump will work?

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

The lowest cost option would be to have the pump seal replaced along with what sound to be bearings assuming the motor widings are good. A motor repair shop should be able to do both for $200. I don’t think going to a lower HP or 2 speed motor will reduce your cost significantly. Yes it will use less KW’s when running, but you may need to run it longer to keep the pool clean. You still need to circulate so much water through the filter to keep the water clear. Maybe a smaller pump with more filtration would cost less to run but I assume that is not changing.