Pool pump motor hums but won't start

My 11 year old1/2 hp Pentair pump runs a water feature 12 hours a day.  It had difficulty starting a couple of years ago so I replaced the start/run cap and it ran flawlessly for a year.  Now it hums but won’t start so I replaced the run cap again.  This time it didn’t fix it, still hums and gets hot.  I used to be able to help it start by twisting the shaft with my fingers but not any more.  It seems to be binding but I can start it with a crescent wrench and it’ll run all day but won’t restart.  Not sure if it’s the bearings since it sounds normal when running.  I replaced the bearing seal about five years ago.  No apparent leaking.

Do I need a motor replacement?  Information from the motor label:  Pentair Part 7-177449-03, FR R56Y, Type CX, RPM 3450, 60 Hz , PH 1, 208-230 v,  amps 6.0-5.6/11.2, mount horizontal w vent holes down.

If I need a replacement motor, can you recommend something that will fit?  Thanks.