Pool Pump Issue

I have an inground 17,100 gallon pool with inground cleaner, slide, heat pump heater/AC by Pentair, Hayward Pump went out after about 8 years and I replaced with a AO Smith/Century 2 speed Green model nuber B975T, Part 7-177060T-05, with a hayward model SP2610X15 impeller housing, new impeller had already been installed previous year, (plastic) with no issues, Well after pool maintenance guy fixed some leaks around housing and pipes impeller made a low noise like impeller rubbing something,like a bicycle spoke playing card sound, I didn’t think was conicidence, guy said was normal and OK , sound would go away at times, noise got worse and next season guy said needed new bearing in motor, after installation leaked like Hoover Dam around Housing  Motor joint, Came back and said bolts weren’t tight enough, didn’t help, then said needed new seal, then new gasket, finally up and working, but when low speed kicked in motor would stop, display would read wrong size impeller, check impeller, guy said he had put in a better metal impeller,and it was right, I don’t think this was recommended, motor would run fine on high speed for about week, then would only run a few hours and stop,  then got error 7 fault, impeller locked, turn off power, rotate shaft , did that and doesn’t work, So thats where I’m at, should I just replace whole motor and impeller housing or do you think it could be wrong impeller, have I fryed my motor with wrong impeller? Should I put in a new impeller first and see if that works? I don’t have confidence in any pool places in my area after this, have had to figure out other issues on my own, Thanks Gary

(Follow up post from PoolGuru) It is a Hayward Pool product number SP2610X15, can’t read serial number faded and torn,Probably about 10 years old, I bought an impeller a few years back from INYO Pools and installed, then repair man put a metal impeller in it last year and thats when issues started?, Thanks Gary

Hello Gary - It definitely sounds like you have the incorrect impeller in there now and that’s what is causing the issues with the motor. I would recommend trying the correct impeller before you replace the motor. The correct impeller is part number SPX2610C.

We would also recommend replacing the seals when you replace the impeller. The tune up kit for the Super Pump is GOKIT3. If you have salt water, the part number is GOKIT3SALT.

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InyoROB, Thanks for advice ,ordered those parts, if that doesn’t work I was thinking of upgrading to a Pentair motor and pump, Is varible speed best option, What would you recommend?, Also my 2 way hayward valve is stuck, I think it’s broke ,but pool guy said it is ok just hard to turn, if it was partially closed would that of created issue?, Thanks Gary

PoolGuru - Something like the Pentair Superflo VS model 342001 would be a great option for your pool. It’s an Energy Star certified pump. This makes it possible for power company rebates.

A valve that was partially closed could have affected the pump if it was not allowing enough flow to the pump. The would cause the pump to cavitate and fail prematurely.

i have a hayward sand filter and pump have been having this issue on and off all summer

not too much water coming thru inlet then it will all of sudden work fine

water coming up thru skimmer and loosing water having to add water

hard to get vacumn to put sweeper hose on

it is a 7600 gallon pool 4’ x 18’

please any help would be appreciated

Hello Virginia - Is the water level at least half way up your skimmer door opening? Is the pump strainer full of water (no air)? You should not be able to see any air when you look into the pump lid.

yes water is up half way at the moment and strainer in full of water

Check the impeller and make sure it is not clogged or damaged. What is the PSI reading on the filter?

psi is at 5

You mentioned water is coming up through the skimmer. Is this happening while the pump is running? Are the hoses and equipment hooked up correctly? The hose from the skimmer should go to the inlet of the pump. The hose from the filter should be connected to the return inlet at the pool. Could you post pictures of your equipment pad?


Hi , my pool and pump is about 7 yrs old . It was built as a salt pool but the T- cell failed . So I have been running it with 6 in 1 shock packages and liquid chlorine as needed and other chemicles as needed.  My pump is a Hayward Max Flo 11   Model # SP2710X15 serial # 212-090800405018, 1 1/2 hp. It has recently started to just to run noisey , now 3 weeks later to get a little louder and  a more noticlable whime to the sound louder . I have repair guy who can relpace bearings.Questions;  should I try just bearing  kit for now? Or  buy motor that includes bearing seals and all. Which  do your recommend for someone low on $$?

Also I see you recommend gokit 3 tunup kit or go kit 3 salt pool . I will be replacing my t cell  over next 6 mo - 1 YR . If i need gokit which Model ?  Which model motor and or bearing Kit. Sorry , I am not very pool techy ,O dont have lots of $$, any suggestions would be appreciated .TY Jain

I need switch for a power pack

Diagnostic RD-DC

Part Number - 19958009

Where can I find the part.

Hi ro22now42,

Could you give us more information on which item this switch is being used on? Also if you could post a few photos that would help out quite a bit.

Hi Jain,

I’m sorry we some how missed your post from earlier, but if you have not solved this problem then here is my answer.

I would replace the complete motor as there is not a huge savings with replacing the bearings and a bearing replacement can be quite a time consuming task.

For your pump you would require this SP2710X15 1.5 HP Replacement Motor and this Max Flo II Shaft Seal For Salt Pools the Salt Shaft Seal will work on pools that are not salt as it is just made out of a heavier duty material. I hope this helps.

I have Jandy Stealth 2.0 HP Pump, Model SHMP2.0, serial number L07FE3285. The pump motor is A.O. Smith part # 7-1933994-06, serial number 120073M.

The bearings are starting to make a screeching sound so I would like to replace them.

What is the correct part number that I need to order for:

  1. Bearings

  2. Shaft Seal

  3. Gaskets/O-rings