Pool People Community Rewards

Welcome Pool People! We’re thrilled for you to join us! Your participation and engagement are what makes this community thrive and we want to reward you for your time investment and the value that you bring to other pool owners.

We are offering exclusive reward tiers for our dedicated members!
These rewards can be redeemed at InyoPools.com

:3rd_place_medal: Bronze Badge - “Pool Enthusiast” Awarded to users who dive into the community and make a splash with their first 50 posts. These members are starting to paddle their way through the pool of knowledge and share their insights with fellow pool enthusiasts.

:2nd_place_medal: Silver Badge - “Pool Pro” Awarded to users who have demonstrated exceptional engagement and expertise by reaching 200 posts. These members are actively skimming the pool of questions, providing valuable advice, and making waves in the community with their knowledge and helpfulness.

  • Criteria:
    Achieved after 200 posts and 10 solved answers.

  • Reward:
    :small_blue_diamond: 10% OFF Pureline Pool Products
    :small_blue_diamond: Free Cleaning Accessory / Pool Float with order

:1st_place_medal: Golden Badge - “Pool Expert” The highest honor, awarded to the true champions of the pool community. These members have shown unwavering dedication, contributed significantly with 500 posts or more, and have proven themselves as lifeguards of wisdom in the sea of pool-related discussions. They are the backbone of the community, always ready to lend a helping hand or a pool noodle.

  • Criteria:
    Achieved after 500 posts and 25 solved answers.

  • Reward:
    :small_blue_diamond: 10% OFF Pureline Pool Products
    :small_blue_diamond: Free Pool Closing / Opening Kit of your choice
    :small_blue_diamond: Free Water Testing Kit

*Rewards are subject to change.

After you receive your Pool People Reward Badge, we will contact you via private message or email for details on redeeming your rewards.

We’re excited to recognize and reward your commitment to our community. Thank you for making this a vibrant and knowledgeable space! Keep making waves, and who knows, you might be the next Pool Expert to be crowned!

:man_swimming: Happy Swimming and Posting! :swimming_woman: