Pool owner

overnight my pool color turned from clear to green. Since then I have been trying to balance my chlorine and PH with no success. When I try to increase chlorine reading the color of my pool become dark green!! The PH reading shows ‘Add Base’ yellow color. I think the water quality has gone crazy, should I just water and replace? Any hope of getting back the pool natural color?

Hi Aldava,

The first thing to do would be to get the water tested, you can do this on your own with some pool test strips. Please post the results of your test back to this thread. The most important readings we will need are the Chlorine Level, pH Level and CYA (Stabilizer) level. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks for the reply, Since my last email the quality of my pool water deteriorated rapidly and turned in to brownish color. So I have emptied it and waiting for it to fill up. Once filled I shall send you the readings.

Thanks again for your help.

Thanks Aldava, sometimes draining the pool and refilling is the easiest thing to do. I look forward to getting your pool water test results.