pool motor part

I have a pentair 3/4 hp booster pump model LA01N to drive my Polaris pool sweep. The motor is Century Centurion  Cat. B668, hp 3/4 volts 230/115 connected to 220 circuit. The motor now will not start. There is no humming or vibration when the it is turned on. There is power to the unit. I am wondering if it could be the capacitor. Is there a start capacitor as well as a run capacitor in this motor. What are the replacement capacitors? Thanks.

Good afternoon. If the impeller still spins freely, and maybe if you can spin it upon startup attempt and the motor actually starts then it may be the capacitor. This model only has a run capacitor part number 628318-307. You can also test the capacitor by using this How to Test a Pool Pump Capacitor guide.