Pool motor EUST 1102

Hello, I have a EUST1102 from US Motor.

Can I replace it by a ECT1102 or another model from Century with more HP and better SF.

My motor last for 1 to 2 years only. Any solutions.


Hello Christian - You could replace your EUST1102 with a CT1102. The CT1102 is a full rated 1HP motor with a 1.4 SF. We recommend replacing the seals when you replace the motor. Also, using a heavy duty shaft seal may prolong the life of the motor.

We recommend replacing the seals when you replace the motor. Using a heavy duty shaft seal should prolong the life of the motor.

Do you know the make and model of the pump side?

Hi, Thanks. My pump is a

Hayward SPX2800

The Hayward 2800 series is the Max-Flo. The kit I would recommend is GOKIT1SALT. That kit includes the heavy duty shaft seal.

Thank you so much!

You’re welcome. Thank you for shopping with Inyo!

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Follow up on my my motor pump! Well My motor is burn again, it happens every year.

My neigbor has the same set up and he never changed his motor.

Do you have any comments of what might be going wrong here!


For such a short amount of time, it looks like there is a good amount of corrosion on the new motor. Did you install the heavy duty shaft seal?

Yes Sir I did!

Would it help if I install 1.5 hp motor? If so any recommandation?

You can try a larger HP motor but I don’t think that the 1HP motor is the problem. Does your pump fully prime when it’s running? This means the pump basket area is totally full of water and no air. I ask because the plumbing in front of the pump is not ideal. You have three 90° elbows right in front of the pump. All these 90’s add to the feet of head in your system. This causes the pump to strain when pulling water.

Check out our article titled “How to Fix Priming Problems In Your Pool Plumbing”.

No air in the basket, always prime fine. Concerning the set-up, we had to change it because of the new AC we got installed.

But we had alway the same problem before that, motor getting corroded within a year.

Something is wrong because as I said, since the beginning (8 years) I have been changing motor every year.

If I want to install a 1.5 HP with a good SF, what would you recommend?

The next size up would be the ST1152. This is a full rated 1.5HP with a 1.5SF.

With what seals, please

It would be the same seals we recommended last time.  GOKIT1SALT