pool light help?

Not too sure the best coarse of action for this old light? The bulb burnt out,while removing fixture noticed bad seal’s, rust and a lot of corrosion, are these parts available to replace? and if so where would i look? Any info is appricated.

Does anyone repair or know where I can purchase the internal circuit board for a Jandy Series CPHVLEDS15O

Contact me at askharmon@att.net

Hello Armson - We do not have parts for that light. My suggestion would be to switch to an LED light fixture. How many feet of cord would you need in order to run the cable back to the junction box?

Thanks for the response! Roughly 50’

It looks like the fixture says 300w 12v. If so, the lights below would work as a replacement.

White LED Light Model LPL-F1W-12-50-P

Color Changing LED Model LPL-F2C-12-50-P

Thank You so much for the help!

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