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I wish to instll new pool lights. I want to add color LED light bulbs to my pool and spa. Can you please give me a quote on what you have available.

10 gal kidney shape with attached 6 foot spa.

Pool-Pentair 100 watt 12 volt amerlite light  (bulb # 79101800)

Spa- Pentair SpaBright/Aqualight 100 watt 12 voltbulb 79108100)

Thank you

Tom Mackey

Hello Tom - We’d be glad to assist you. How many feet of cord would you need for each light?

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I don’t need any cord. I have existing lights in the pool and spa.I just need to add the LED color changing bulbs to the fixtures.

For the pool light, you could use LED bulb model PL5808. We also recommend replacing the lens gasket. The lens gasket is part number 3525-07.

The spa LED bulb would be model number PL5816. The lens gasket is part number 57-110-1234.

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I had a question answered previously and it stated I could not use those bulbs??? Which one is right. I do not want to order the wrong bulbs.

Asked on 3/16/2017 by Thomas Mackey

I take it from reading all the above that my Pentair 12 volt 100 watt 79101800 lamp does not qualify for this product? Thank you Tom

A     Answered on 3/17/2017 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Thomas. That is correct, you can not use the PL5808 as a replacement for p/n 79101800 . We do have LED bulbs that can replace p/n 79101800 but we will need to know the fixture model number to ensure compatibility.

Your current bulb fits the Amerlite fixture. Do your light fixture dimensions match the picture below?

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It appears to match theabove noted picture

The bulb I recommended will fit that fixture. We will amend the Q & A that stated otherwise.

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Great! All you’ll have to do is click on the links from my previous post and add the items to your cart. You can also call out customer service line if you’d rather place the order over the phone. The phone number is 407-834-2200.

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To make things easier, I emailed you a quote for the parts. The quote can be converted into an order from a link in the email.

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