Pool light

I want to replace my incandescent pool light and spa light.  How do I know whether or not they are 120V or 12V?  How do I determine the wattage I need?

Hi SandyJohnMaria,

The best bet would be to remove the light fixture from the wall of the pool and supply us with the information off of the label on the back of the light. This label is normally on the back of the light where the cord attaches to the light fixture. Here is a Video on How to Remove Your Light Fixture From Your Pool the process is quite simple just remove the pilot screw from the light fixture and pull the light up to the deck of the pool (remember to turn off power to the light). We also have this guide on How to Identify Your Pool Light. Also if you could post a few photos of the light once it is removed we can help you with suggestions.

Thank You



thank you Patrick for the quick response

You’re welcome! Were you able to remove the light yet?

not yet, but I will and I will let you know.  Thank you