Pool in a Tent...High Humidity, Gas Build-up...Help please.

Hello Everyone,

I have a small inground fiberglass pool (9x18x4). To swim during the winter I enclosed the pool with a 10x20 polyethylene tent. The issues are a lack of ventilation and high humidity levels.

Because of the lack of adequate ventilation there is irritatingly high levels of fumes particularly after shocking. There are also high levels of condensation which have water dripping everywhere thus rust and mold are a concern.

Three Solutions as I see it. 1) Scrap the tent idea altogether. 2) Add vents to the ceiling and ground levels. 3) Add a high capacity dehumidifier (50 qt.) and vent the discharged air to the outside while returning the water to the pool.

Solution 3 is my preferred option. The high capacity dehumidifier is rated for 4,500 sq.ft. The tent is 200 sq. ft. or 2,000 cu.ft. and the ability to vent the exhaust outdoors should greatly reduce the build-up of gases in the air. As an FYI, I would disconnect the dehumidifier while people are swimming.

Any thoughts, ideas or additional solutions are GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks for your help.