Pool Identification Question: Replace Upright and Bottom Plate?

I believe my pool is an Eclipse 27’ from 2002-2003 timerange. Our zero turn mower bent one of the uprights and took a piece of the bottom plate with it.

One of the top caps had the code “15445” which brought me to the Eclipse Top Cap. The upright depicted for this pool also looks like an Eclipse as does the bottom plate.


  1. Is this identification correct?

  2. How can I replace just one bottom plate? Drain the pool and dig it out? Note: There is still one piece of metal to screw in an upright. I wonder if it makes more sense to just leave the existing bottom plate as is and just attach one screw instead of worrying about replacement.

Top Cap


Bottom Plate

The pool is closed at the moment. I could get better photos if necessary for identification. Here is the damage.

The piece of metal to hold the screw on the left side of the bottom plate was torn off. The right side is fine.

Yes, your identification is correct. You do have the Eclipse model. The parts you linked to are correct.

You would have to drain the pool if you need to replace the upright and plate.

Will do, much appreciated. To replace the bottom plate, is it enough to just dig out that one plate and slide a new one in?

Yes, assuming it is sitting on a leveled paver.