Pool identification

The short version of this rabbit hole is I basically got an older pool for free and could use some help on identifying the pool manufacturer, and maybe not as it seems a little straightforward. Will be posting more as I get things assembled and put together, should be an alright project to shoe horn in with all the other stuff I have going on. Pool seems to be in ok shape, it is all aluminum, even the top caps. The only plastic parts I can find are the ring around the skimmer and jet outlet. The straight top rail is 15’, curved sections are 3’. The caps between the stands are two piece metal(Aluminum) style and the wall is a wood grain look that is ribbed, the rib height only being about 1/4".

The pool is an older Aluminum pool that was at an older home in the St Louis, MO area. It is a 15 x 30 Oval, the sidewall is 48" tall. The side stands are unique with a leg coming off at an angle. The folks that dismantled the pool didn’t take much care in removal of the bottom track, which may not have been a fault of there’s. Would like to try and find a replacement track. Will take some measurements of it and see if I can search it down with what looks available for bottom tracks. Any tips on where to find older pool parts?

Anyway, comments, suggestions and making sure Iam nuts in trying to rehab or remodel an older pool would be helpful, thank you and sorry if pics are too large

That pool looks like it is in great shape for its age!  It was manufactured by Poseidon and, unfortunately, Inyo pools does not carry parts for that manufacturer.  We recommend trying  https://teddybearpools.com/product-category/above-ground-pool-supplies/pool-construction-parts/ for any parts for it.  We can help you with pumps, motors, filters, liners, heaters, floats & toys, watersports and water fitness equipment, towables,or anything else for fun in the water when you are done!

Those older extruded aluminum pools last a long time!

Thank you so much! I have been out of town and pleasantly surprised to have an answer! I didn’s see much on there site but will be calling them first part of the week. Have already picked out some parts from here

Thank you, will let you know how it goes!