Pool filter works fine on recirculate but dies off on filter setting

Having an issue since opening my pool a few weeks ago. When on recirculate the pool has really good pressure and maintains prime however when in filter the return jet looses pressure within a few hours and the pressure gauge on the filter will rise 10psi and the skimmer basket looses its prime. The filter grids are glean and only a year old I have a brand new motor and multiport valve. I don’t see an air leak anywhere. it’s a Hayward de filter. I’m getting pretty frustrated since I can’t seem to find the issue. Any help would be much appreciated.


Sounds like what is happening to me too.


I’m having the same exact issue, Hayward DE filter only a year old.

i have noticed some air bubbles under the black enclosed basket near the diverted valve, im thinking there may be a suction leak, the pool guys think it’s a pressure switch. I think they’re wrong. Can we bump this up for some attention?

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Assuming the filter is clean in all of these scenarios, my suggestion would be to correct the air leak issues. Common spots for air leaks is the pump lid o-ring, intake fitting, and seals in the diverter valves.

You may find the following article and video helpful.

Why Are My Pool Jets Not Working?


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