Pool edge lifting

We just installed our pool 2 weeks ago. Everything was level. We checked it over and over again. While unloaded new lumber for a new pool deck, we found the outer supports on our oval pool lifting and sand seeping out. Everything was completely flush with the ground when we first installed it. Now this. How do we fix it?

We contacted Wilbar, the manufacturer of our pools. This was the response from one of their reps.

As this is a small part of the pool I cannot determine if it’s our pool?  From what I see it seems they may have installed without or too little cove inside the wall which is causing the sand to push through.  As for the bottom boots, the uprights appear to be plumb but I am not there and the photo is just a cutaway of them.  The bottom boots are not sitting flush with the ground but appear that they just need to be pushed down as they are not level.  You can see that in the attached photo below where the upright looks level and the boot is not flush.  If this is a Wilbar pool send me more pics and I can try and reproduce the boot and upright issue to see if something was installed incorrectly or there is a broken tab or something.