Pool Cap Replacement Parts Needed

need a few replacement caps and can’t find them online. Color is Taupe. Part Number listed as 130000001. Need coordinating top rail too.

Hello Alijay12 - We’ll need to identify the pool. What is the size of the pool? Could you post the following images?

  • Outside Pool Wall (top to bottom)
  • Top Cap
  • Top Rail

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It looks like you have the Aqua Leader Blues model. The outer top cap is part number 1030009Q00. The inner cap is part number 1030009Q10.

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What about the  top rails or the ledge cover that goes in between the caps? The long straight pice?

thank you!

What is the size of the pool?

I’m not sure if the exact size it’s a large oval and the piece is straight not on a corner.

Roughly 16 x 28

The top rail for the straight side of the oval is part number 10109360042. The top rail for the curved side is part number 10109360000.

I just placed an order online and paid there was no option for overnighting it is that possible? Willing to pay for it.

We do not have a next day air option because some of the parts have to ship from the manufacturer. The lead time is 2-3 weeks.