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I have an above ground pool.  I recently acquired a Hayward Perflex extended DE filter model EC 50.  I have a pentair optiflo 1.0 hp pool pump.  What parts do I need to connect the two together?

The optiflo has an upright discharge.  Are there parts that will connect these two items together and if so how?


You should be able to remove the screws from the Opti Flow pump housing and rotate the discharge port to Horizontal and that should make the connection easier. If the Pentair sits lower than the port on the Hayward then you may be able to put some sort of riser underneath the pump so the ports match up. We did put together this Video on How to Rotate Your Pool Pump Discharge Port to Horizontal this is not the exact pump you have but the general process should be similar. If you are able to get the ports to line up then you may be able to use the connector you currently have for your Hayward pump to Fiilter connection.

Thank you so much for your reply.  I have tried this and I was successful with rotating the discharge port.  But, what I need is to connect the two together.  The Hayward was “inherited” so-to-speak and it does not have a connector of any kind, just an open ‘screw-in style’ port,  Could you possible recommend the type of connectors I would need in order to mate the pump and filter together.  I would be happy to purchase them from you folks if you could provide part #'s and cost.

Thank you again.


You may want to try this SP1480 Union Connector which can also be seen as Key #19 on page 11 of this Hayward Perflex Owner’s Manual.