pentair superflo 1.5 vs 2hp

Ive searched the internet and even called pentair, but im getting conflicting info.

I have a 2hp pentair superflo pump  The motor is going out on it and I need a new one.  I want to downsize to 1.5hp due to only having a 10,000 gallon pool.  I have been told by leslies techs and I saw a post here that says you can use the same diffuser and impeller for both.  But Pentair says no.

Does anyone have a definiate (i did it and it works) answer?


If you downsize the motor, you’ll need to downsize the impeller as well. What is the catalog or part number on your motor label? We can recommend the correct impeller and motor based on that information.

part number 355024s   is what Im going to…  my current is a   Part number 340040  2.0 hp  Motor#196240

I found this post on here. from the 2 hp impeller parts…

?     Asked on 2/16/2020 by Robert E Martin

This is the third time in 26 years I have had to replace a burned out pool pump motor. After the first motor burned out, I upgraded my 1.5 HP Pac Fab Challenger motor with a 2 HP high performance Whisper Flo Pentair motor. This time I found that my impeller 35-5086 was damaged, It worked fine with the last 2 pumps I installed. Is this same impeller P?N 35-5086 compatible with both the 1.5 HP & 2 HP motors .

A  Answered on 2/17/2020 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Robert. Yes, this Impeller - 355086 can be used with a 1.5 HP Full Rated or 2.0 HP Up Rated motor.

The 340040 Superflo is an uprated 2HP pump. The total HP rating is 2.2 (SF x HP). The next step down would be a 1.5HP uprated motor. The motor number will be B2854 (total HP 1.65). The impeller that matches the motor will be part number 35-5074.

The total HP rating of the impeller should be equal to or less than the total HP of the motor. If the impeller rating is higher, it will cause the motor to fail.

So both of those items will fit the original pump body and work the the origianal diffuser?  will I need new ceramic seals?

Both parts will work with the original body and the diffuser will remain the same. The seal kit is part number GOKIT78.

Thanks …That helps… My superflo thanks you…

we will find out… just ordered the parts…

It all works fine…

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Thank you for the update and for shopping with!