Pentair Spa Light Replacement

I currently have a Pentair Aqualight 120v 100w 100’ spa light (Pentair PN: 77310100). I have replaced everything except the housing, twice. but i’m still getting moisture and flipping my GFCI. I’ve seen a 60W opiton that may be a better replacement, PN 78106200? I’m also looking at LED’s but having a hard time understanding what would be compatible and if i’d need to change the transformer?

Thanks for the insight!

Good morning. Yes, you are correct as far as using the model 78106200 as a direct replacement and you can also use an LED bulb in that unit. You can click here to view the few 120 volt, spa LED bulb options. You can also replace the entire fixture with an Intellibrite which is also LED but not by just a bulb but rather by the entire inner technology is specifically set up for LED. Please click here to view the color LED model and here to view the white LED model.

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Thanks Hector.

I think the 78106200 option with an LED bulb looks really tempting. Would this be direct plug and play? Or do i need a new transformer?

Yes, it is a direct replacement and as long as the voltages match between the light fixture and the LED bulb(120), no transformer is needed.

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