Parts needed for unknown pool brand


First time poster so not sure exactly what I am doing… I believe i need to reply to the email that I receive to upload pictures?

I need a top rail and some foot plates for a pool that was on a property that I recently purchased. I have no idea who the manufacturer is and I was stoked to find this service that Inyo Pools offers!

The pool is 33’ but looks as though it can be adjusted to different sizes. Manufacturered in Canada.

I wil upload some pics ASAP. Please let me know if there is any more information I should provide!

Thank you!

We’d be glad to assist you. Could you send us the following images?

  • Outside Pool Wall (top to bottom)
  • Top Cap
  • Top Rail
  • Top Plate

If you have trouble posting the images to the forum, reply to the email notification with pictures. You can also email pictures to

I will have to look to see if I have a photo of the pool before I disassembled it so that I can get you the full top-to-bottom view.

It looks like an Azor model. The bottom plate is part number CG761-20852.

If your 33’ pool has a total of 22 top rails/uprights, the top rail replacement is part number CG761-001-R.

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Thank you so much! I don’t think I ever would have found these on my own!

Those are the right parts for my pool alright! Any way I could get you to supply the part number for the top rail clip (not sure what the actual name of the part is but it is shown in the second photo I uploaded)

I’m not sure if you meant the top plate or covers. You can view all of the parts on the following page.