Overflow pipe has broken and is causing the pool to leak

We left to go out of town to a funeral on Monday morning.  The high for the day was roughly 40 degrees with a low of 20 something.  The following day about lunch time we arrive home to find water flowing down the alley from the overflow pipe and the water level in the pool was low.  I could hear water running and my husband was able to see that the overflow pipe had a crack in it.  But… I have noticed that the water in pool stays constant if the pump is not running.  So is this a combination of the overflow pipe and a return both leaking?

I would call a professional plumber in such a case. It’s just safer

Sorry to hear about your pool troubles. It sounds like you’ve got a leaky overflow pipe and maybe a return leak too. To get to the bottom of it, I’d recommend turning off the pump and see if the water level in the pool drops. If it does, then you know you’ve got a leak in the return line as well. In terms of fixing the overflow pipe, a reliable and affordable solution could be relining pipes. This process involves inserting a new pipe inside the old one, without digging it up, which can save you time and money. It’s definitely worth checking out!