Old Athony Niche to modern larger Pool Light fixture..Problem finding adaptor

Have old Anthony niche #19LA  (9 1/2" id} that used a fixture #18 (9 1/2" id). Modern pool lights are 10". What are my options? No I dont want to replace the niche…lol. Getting pool redone and need to get this figured out while they have it empty.

Help please…Thanks

Hello Bje123 - According to Hayward, their Universal Colorlogic LED light will fit your Anthony niche. They are currently only available in 12 volt. This means you’d have to add a transformer if your current light is 120 volt.

How many feet of cord would you need (30’,50’,100’,150’)?

Great …Ill check it out. I only need 20 feet


The color changing light with a 30’ cord is part number LPCUS11030. The white light is part number LPLUS11030.

Hello , The pool company doing the pool resurface told me they can get an adapter to a newer modern 10" od  light with my Anthony niche #19LA  (9 1/2" id}. Is there such an adapter?



We carry a couple niche adapters but they are designed for niches with ID of 9-3/4" to 12".