Noisy impeller

I have a Hayward SP3220X252 TriStar 2-speed 2.5HP 1.08 SF MaxRate Pump.  AO Smith Motor SP3220Z2ME. (Part 7-K56AA23A04-05, Frame Y56Y). The pump seems to be fine, but it sounds like the impeller may be stripped or the blades may be rubbing against the housing. Can you tell me the correct impeller and seal parts that need to be replaced**? I have a 12000 gal salt water pool.**



Hello DaveD52 - The correct impeller for your SP3220X252 is part number SPX3220C. The shaft seal is part number PS-4280, the housing o-ring is SPX3200T and the diffuser gasket is SPX4000Z1.

All of the parts are in stock and ready to ship. Thank you for shopping with Inyo.

Did the replacements solve the problem? I think I have the same issue, replaced the impeller ring twice so far and it’s the same noise (i.e. sounds like a playing card tied to a clothespin that runs over the spokes of a bicycle, that is on low speed the noise is quieter but still present, on high speed it’s faster and more noticeable). I can replace the impeller, diffuser, seal plate and use a new go-kit, but want to know if that would solve the problem & what exactly is the cause of the noise

Danny, I would suggest testing the motor with the diffuser, and impeller removed. Essentially, that is called “bench testing” the motor. If the sound continues then more than likely that is a cooling fan or motor bearing issue. If the sound stops then it is likely the impeller or diffuser. Also, inspect those two parts on removal for obvious damage or wear. You may locate the issue that way as well.