No suction


I just purchased a new home that came with a pool.

I have exactly zero pool knowledge

but I do have common sense for most things…

MY ISSUE – I needed a pool vacuum and purchased a zodiac G3. It is currently laying at the bottom of the pool doing nothing. The flow gauge that came with it is giving me a reading of zero. My current PSI is at 17.

I have a sand filter. I just did a backwash and notice my jjets started pumping much harder than they were but I still have no suction on the return. I should say there is some suction but apparently not enough to vacuum. I see no debris and no leaks in anything… not sure where to go from here. Thanks!!


I’m assuming (from the cleaner model) that you have an in-ground pool.

If so, does the pool have both a skimmer and a main drain?

Hi! Yes, it does have a skimmer and I believe it does has a main drain. Although the pool is too foggy to see but I think it does

Pools with a skimmer and main drain will have a 3 way valve installed before the pump. One line comes from the skimmer and one line comes from the main drain. If that valve has the line coming from the skimmer partially closed off that could cause the skimmer not to have enough suction to run the vacuum.

If that is what has happened move to valve to the center position, or even close the main drain off a little and see if that will give you enough suction.


I have a similar issue with Zodiac T3 suction pool cleaner that I plug it into the skimmer and press on on the salt chlorinator but it’s not moving and I wonder what I did wrong?