New Water

We had to drain and refill pool since then I’m having the hardest time getting chlorine levels. Today here are my Taylor test kit #, CL. 0, Ph 7.8-8, cya <30 this is a 16,000 gallon above ground pool, cartridge filter, 1 speed pump.  The pool is finally crystal clear and blue but shows 0 and no pink at all on the test??? So confused… please help. Will Muretic acid help with the chlorine? I know it will bring down ph, but will it work on chlorine?  And this is brand new water from a company. Please help.

The sun may be eating up your chlorine if your CYA (stabilizer, or cyanuric acid) level is under 30.  We would recommend adding stabilizer as soon as you can, but add chlorine as well to keep algae away.

Muriatic acid will only help if your pH is too high.

Hello COXXY1,

Muriatic acid does not affect chlolorine. It only affects PH and TA. InyoRich may be right but we’re gonna need more information.

How long has it been since you refilled the pool?

What do you use to sanitize the water?

How much sanitizer are you putting in the water and how?

How much stabilizer, if any, did you add to the water after refilling?

You omitted two very important tests in your numbers:

  1. CC (combined chlorine)- This will tell us if there are organics in the water eating all of the chlorine.

  2. TA (total alkalinity). This doesn’t affect chlorine but it is very important in water balance.

Lastly, what type of Taylor test kit are you using and are the reagents within the expiration date