New top rail


I need to replace the top rails of my above ground pool. All of the rails were badly rusted and a few were completely rusted through. Rust was constantly dropping in the pool requiring constant cleaning. I recently purchased the property with the pool already on it and it seems as though it was not well cared for, or it’s just really old.

This is some information that I found in old pool papers:

Pool manufacturer: ICE CITY inc.

Installation year: 1970s?

Pool size: 18’

Capacity: 7,500 gallons

I would like to get new, Resin type, top rails that will not rust anymore.

I will need:

Top rails and Caps

Top plates

Would I need new Resin uprights as well? They are currently steel.

See attached pictures below.

Since the manufacturer ICE CITY is no longer in business, which top rail would be compatible with my pool? Please advise before I order these parts.


Ben Harmuth

Hi Bharmuth,

I’m sorry we do not have any of these parts and I believe any of the parts were discontinued some time ago. You could go with a brand new 18’ 54" Wall Matrix Resin Pool starting at $1,249, I’m thinking this may be the least expensive route.

Thank You