New to Pool items!

Hello all…

I am getting a pool in my backyard, and it is almost done. And now, they are asking high amount for the Hayward Led color lights. And I don’t think I should go with them because the same item, I can get it myself half the cost. Of course the installation, but I am sure someone local will know of it.

Anyways, my question / help I need is that I see the PureLine PureColors LED bulb with the Pent-air Amerilite fixture on here. And I am just not sure if it will work or not.

This pool company has 3 light fixtures (or rather just holes) already inside the pool, and they are at a stage of light purchase now. I have told them to hold off right now. Just doesn’t make sense to spend so much on 3 lights.

So what do you suggest about getting this one? I am not sure if they have it fixed or cut in Hayward’s way. No diea about anything such. Should it be okay to use this Pentair fixture on this? Do I need to purchase the fixture? Or just the bulb right now? All I see right now inside the pool is 3 empty holes. So, I think I still need the fixture for sure, correct? And then get this PureLine color changing LED bulb?? Or just get the Hayward ColorLogic Universal? Because that’s what my construction company is quoting me on… and its ridiculously high priced. Please help with this so I can make purchase of hayward or this pentair fixture pureline bulb… Thanks a lot.

We’d be glad to assist you. What size holes did they leave? Could you post pictures of the pool wall where the holes were left?


I have posted 5 photos… Hope they are clear, and understandable.

Let me know please… thanks a lot.

They installed the pool size Hayward niches. You could use the Pentair Amerlite and the PureColors bulb.


So, the installation should not be very hard, right? Because surely the pool construction company won’t be doing it… they will only do the Hayward ones… crazy.

And also, could you please post the exact link(s) to what I need to purchase?


The installation is not difficult. We just replaced a light fixture last week and it took an hour or so. That included installing the PureColors bulb, pulling the old light, and installing the new one.

Here is a link to the PureColors page. You would need to select the cord length and voltage. Make sure you select one that says pool light.

Below is an installation video we did a couple years ago.

Hi there,

Okay, so hopefully it won’t be hard on us here!

Other question about this is don’t I need some sort of a control box or anything else to go with this? I will be purchasing 3 of the fixture with bulb this 1 time… but what else do I need to purchase with it? This is the 1st time we are getting pool… thanks!

If you get 12v lights, you’ll need a transformer. If not you shouldn’t need anything else besides a junction box. A regular light switch is used to control the lights. You toggle the light switch to switch the colors and light shows.

Yes, I am getting 3 of the 12V lights… so 1 transformer? And could you please send me the direct link to it?

And I am not understanding about the color changing LED bulb functioning ? Isn’t there a control box or remote or something for it? To change the colors or even the pre-loaded color-changing shows ? I am sure it has that… but yes, let me know please… thanks much!

Here is a link to the PX300 transformer.

The color changing lights are controlled the same way as an incandescent light, by a normal light switch. To change the colors, toggle the light switch off and back on. You continue to do this until you reach the desired color or light show.

Alright! Good on this item for right now… if any questions come up, will post it on here for your help sir.

Now, I am looking for 1 more item… Laminar jet [spray] … I think I saw Pentair Magic something… and it’s like Rain Arch basically… any idea of that? Or I need to go other place?

Thanks a lot!

We carry the MagicStream Laminars. Are you looking for one with a gray, black, or tan lid?

I don’t really think it would matter much since its only the lid that’s different color. But yeah, I think the Tan color probably… lets go with that.

Please give me more general info. or details about the Laminar jets… installing, requirements, etc. etc. Never worked before with it… builder is also new to this concept.

And another question to clear up — my builder is saying it might take 2 transformers for 3 12V lights… need your suggestion on that please Rob.

Thanks buddy!

Rob, I was browsing through your website…

I see some waterfalls products!! Of course thats not the real natural waterfall, I assume… But anyway, I need some info. about this as well please… might get 1 of it, maybe. Not sure if it looks as good as a natural landscaped one… thanks

The MagicStream Laminar with the tan lid is part number 580001T. Instructions for installation can be found in the owner’s manual.

Here is a link to an installation guide for waterfalls

Hello Rob!

3 more quick questions…

How many transformers do I need in total for 3 Led color changing pool lights AND 4 MagicStream Laminars?

Do I need to purchase the IntelliBright Controller? That item looks cool… I mean, what do you suggest me?

And last question – If I need multiple transformers for these 7 things – which exact ones and how many of each? How do I figure that out? I see there are 3 different transformers available (100, 300, and 600).

Please help me with these 3 questions for now… Planning on purchasing these today.


You could connect the 3 pool lights to one 300w transformer. The 4 laminars could be connected to one 100w transformer.

The Intellibrite Controller can be used with the laminars. It makes it easier to switch to certain colors but it’s not required. You can control the laminars from a standard light switch.

100W Transformer - PX100
300W Transformer - PX300