New pump - overheats - troubleshooting

I started to open my pool this year and my 3/4 hp Hayward super pump just wouldn’t go. It was old and I figured it was on it’s way out anyway. I purchased a brand new Hayward super pump but this one is a 1 hp. Looks just about the same all in all.

I got it setup and connected and it started and ran fine. Had the bleeder on the filter chamber wide open and was able to feel water coming out of the two jets. After about 30 minutes it shut off. It was very hot to the touch. I waited some time and turned it back on… all seemed good again but of course it shut off.

I’m not sure what to do at this point. So far I’ve tried the following:

  1. Ran compressed air through the lines to make sure there were no blockages - all good

  2. Opened up the filter chamber and made sure the filters were seated correctly - all good

  3. Tried to clean the in-pool intakes, but the water is so murky this year I can’t see the bottom. The air push should have cleaned it out mostly. And the pool was covered all winter of course. So there should be minimal junk down there anyway.

The only difference this year is the pump. I can’t imagine going from 3/4 hp to 1 hp would cause this. Could it be electrical? Voltage drop?

I’m waiting for it to cool down so I can run it and take a measurement of the voltage at the panel.

EDIT: No voltage drop when running. Connected to a 20A circuit 230vac

What chance this is just a faulty pump? I’m feeling it is unlikely but possible?

Just an update: To rule out EVERYTHINHG. I connected the pump directly to the pool water with the return right back into the water… so I’ve bypassed the entire system and I’m just pumping water out of the pool and right back into it… still overheats after about 3 minutes. I’m guessing this is a faulty unit…