New pool construction: so many choices!

I’m planning a new pool, in-ground, heated, covered so I can use it year round. I’m finding that there are many choices I have to make – gunite vs. vinyl, chlorine vs. UV vs. saltwater, how big it should be, what kind of surround etc. Is there a FAQ that helps with all of these? Any advice? I live in the Seattle area, if that’s relevant.

Hi Raj4224,

Here are a few articles we have put together on this topic which you should find helpful.

Yes, there are numerous sorts of pools that can be built in your backyard. It will be difficult to choose one that you enjoy. So, when choosing one, keep your budget in mind and go with the best option. Try calling a pool construction firm since they might be able to offer you some additional savings, allowing you to fit a lot more into your budget.