New motor Wiring question

I’m about to replace my qc1102 motor with an ecm16squ.  My “hot” wires are not red or black connecting the existing motor. Mine are yellow and tan. I’m assuming that I can hook up either one to L1 vs L2 as long as I make sure the green ground wire is connected to the ground lug. Or do I need to trace them back and somehow identify the L1 and L2 sources?

If your current motor uses 220 - 240 voltage then you are correct as both colored wires are carrying 110 - 120 voltage. However, if only one wire is carrying voltage at 110 - 120 then you cannot use this motor unless you convert your breaker to a 220 - 240 volt one. Essentially using a voltage meter on the wires is recommended.

Great, thanks. They both are carrying 110 - 120 volts when I checked them previously. I will double check before I swap the motor out this weekend.

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You can connect either “hot” line to L1 or L2. You do not need to trace them back.