New Hayward pump - makes loud sound and trips breaker

I replaced an old 1hp pump that was still working but cracked and leaking with a new Hayward 1.5hp Max-Flo XL. I changed the jumper from 220 to 110 and checked and re-secured the three wires.

when I turn it on it makes a loud sound - there is some water movement then the breaker trips in about a second. The motor housing feels very warm. I have video if I can post it here.

Its possible it could be a bad connection in the wiring or breaker although it was fine with the previous pump. I am curious if a bad connection would make it start so loudly? Or would it be loud since it is not yet primed?

Are you sure the old pump was wired for 110v? What you are describing usually occurs when 220v is applied to a motor set on 110v.