Never seen this type of pool

Hi, I’m new to this forum. I recently purchased a house that came with an above-ground pool. I’ve never seen this type of pool before, where there are poles on two of the sides. The pool is shaped like a peanut or the number 8. Any idea who the manufacturer is? I’m trying to get a new liner and nobody seems to know the manufacturer of the pool. I called a number of companies, but nobody has a liner like this. I would really appreciate it if someone can please either tell me the manufacturer or point me to a place where I can order a new liner. The size of the pool is 12x10 or close to it. I wasn’t sure how to measure, so I measured the outside of the pool.

Hi and thank you for posting your unusual pool! It was manufactured by Swim’n Play Pools and, unfortunately, we do not carry parts for that brand. We recommend trying  to see if they have a liner for that unusual shape.

Check out our guide on How To Select an Above Ground Pool Liner for some tips on measuring it.

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Thank you.

Have you cleaned it?