Need the right seal plate

I am looking at the Sp3020-e Hayward (spx3020e)  Seal plate.   Mine is leaking between the seal plate and the pump on the top.  My motor is ST1202 2.0 HP  220 Volt.  I think my pump is the Hayward Super II.

Does this part seem like the right Seal plate?  Is there a gasket between the seal and and the pump that might stop this leak?  I already reaplced the motor-side O-rings



Hello Doug - If you have the Super II Pump, the seal plate is part number SPX3020E.

The seals that could cause the leak are keys 5 & 9.

Hayward Super II Diagram

I just put in a gokit2 on my super 2 pump and I still have a small leak around seal 5 in the above diagram. Any advise on how to stop that?


Hello Jeff - It is not uncommon to have to reseat the gasket. My suggestion would be to separate the pump in half, remove the housing gasket, lubricate the gasket, and put it back together.