Need some help with impeller parts for Pentair WFE-3 pump with a Century SQ1202 motor


I just bought a replacement motor from you Century SQ1202 2 HP. I just found out I have a bad impeller too. The pump is a Pentair WFE-3.

Could you please tell me which impeller I need to buy? It looks like 073127.

I am confused because the HP of the pump .75 HP is different than my motor which is 2 HP. Is that possible and correct?

Also could you please tell me what accessories I need to buy to have my handyman hook this on?

He says he needs 2 shaft seals one back one front and a package of gaskets.

Do I need anything else like a screw for the impeller?

Is there a complete kit I can buy?

Thank you.

Lisa St Louis

The motor on the pump would have originally been a 3/4HP full rated motor. At some point, it must have been changed to a 2HP full rated motor if you purchased an SQ1202.

The correct impeller for a full rated 2HP motor (SQ1202) is part number 5074-27D (073130).

The seal kit is GOKIT32. It includes the two part shaft seal as well as the rest of the gaskets/o-rings for the Whisperflo pump.

I’ve emailed you a quote for the impeller and seal kit.