Need replacement top rails

We bought this pool in 2006 from Ebay. The only info I have is it is a 2006 27’ Round Sandstone.   I think the manufacturer was Wilbar. There are 19 top rails which are rusted out.  I would also need the top caps. The rails seem to be 53" long, 6 1/4" wide the inside is 6".

It looks like the Artesian Monaco Elite model. Artesian is now owned by Wilbar. The top rail you need is part number 11118. We do not currently have them in stock but you may be able to get them directly through Wilbar.

Amazing designed pool, need some pool repair as well, because it has some damages and need to be fixed.we have an expert pool renovator and advicers. so if you need then please quote us at 469-610-2121.