Need help troubleshooting new pump motor


i replaced a reliant 1.5 hp pump two weeks ago for my pool. The shaft seal seems to have worn out and water got into the motor rusting it to the point of locking up. Replaced it with an aqua shield asq165 along with a new shaft seal. Both pumps were wired at 230v. After two weeks, the new pump will not turn on. It had been working perfectly for the last two weeks however, with two days of 24 hour running. I checked the connections to the pump in case any wires wiggles loose but found all connections tight. The breaker for the pool and the main breakfast in the garage have not tripped. The wires running to the timer each read 120-122v. The wires from the timer to the motor are also same 120-122v reading. The posts on the pump were the same. I did notice that whether the timer was on or off, power was sent to both hots on the motor. Not sure if this is a timer issue not turning the pump on as I would assume there would be no power to the motor prior to the timer clicking on.