Need advice, on materials, contractors, info to rebuild a Midwest (Chicago) Inground Pool

The pool, is a 50-year-old, steel sided pool, with some leaking pipes, no main drain, and partially working skimmers

Most likely it needs to be totally dismantled and rebuilt

here’s some specifics on the pool:

25’ x 40’ Inground pool, 35000 gallons, Hayward DE filter and decent pump

what are the best construction techniques and approaches to building a pool - in 2023 ?

what material would be used for the deck,  for the bottom, and for the walls ?

what contractor or company would offer that ?

What should I expect to pay ?

Please help;  I don’t want to live until continual maintenance, the rest of my life.

Thank You

Here’s a few links of the Pool – construction zone –  haha,  in years past

I am going to leave my email  if it’s easier to get in touch that way

doingitrite AT yahoo

Hi WebGuy, that is quite a project!

The sad fact is that every pool has a life span - and 50 years isn’t bad for a vinyl-lined inground pool.  Construction methods have not changed much since your pool was built.  The materials are also pretty much the same, especially if you are going with an inground vinyl-liner pool.  The walls will be galvanized steel and the floor will be sand, and rebuilding something similar to what you have will probably be your least expensive option.

There is a dizzying array of options for new pools these days - everything from exactly what you have to elegant fiberglass drop-ins to the old standard Gunite pools.  There are also do-it-yourself kits made of aluminum and/or structurally insulated panels.

This is from 2016 and prices have gone up, but check out How Much Does a Pool Cost? for some ideas.  Your location will also dictate how much it will cost.

The bottom line is you can do whatever your budget will allow.  Keep searching online for the variety of do-it-yourself options or use Google to find a high-rated pool installer in your area.